The Club

Our vision is to create a world-class tennis experience for our students to match their academic experience.

We aim to run an inspirational and inclusive programme that allows students to reach their potential and ambitions as players, coaches and leaders.


The club runs activities every day of the week, with coaching and competition to suit any ambition. Our members are passionate about tennis and have come to St Andrews from all over the globe, bringing with them different backgrounds, experiences and skill sets, creating a very inclusive and close-knit club, where our newest members are quickly integrated and lifelong friendships are formed.

The club is run by a committee of students, who work with the Director of Tennis to provide an environment where players can improve their game, whilst meeting new friends on the court.

It’s no exaggeration to say I love this club. When I started back in September 2016, I remember being more homesick and out of my depth than I’d like to admit but the senior members of the club were incredibly warm in their reception and support and I am very grateful to the club for it. The two main aspects of the club that I’ve most made use of are the social and training elements.

Vinnie Joseph

The tennis club really changed my attitude towards competitive tennis. I came to university adamant that I would never play another match but after having seen how much everyone enjoyed themselves I was inspired to join the team and represent St Andrews and train as often as I could. The club has the perfect atmosphere in which players can improve. The members and committee are open and friendly and make playing such a fun experience that progress is inevitable.

Letty Chardon