Coaching Qualifications

The University provides many opportunities for students to gain UKCC level coaching qualifications during their time at St Andrews, running subsidised courses each year.

The Tennis Foundation

The Tennis Foundation supports University Tennis throughout the UK and the club is fortunate to receive a grant each year, which is aimed at getting more people involved in the game as players, coaches and volunteers. This is a huge boost to tennis at the University and helps to provide many opportunities.


Coaching and Coach Education

Students are encouraged to gain, or upgrade, their LTA coaching qualifications each year and the University subsidises the course fees in return for the students giving some time back to the club programme. With the new indoor facility, we are now able to run coaching courses at the University.

Scottish Student Sport (SSS)

Each year the club selects a student SSS representative who works with other universities to create opportunities for non-BUCS team players to play with students from around Scotland.

Developing the Workforce

Following the recent facility developments we are working towards building our workforce to keep up with the growing demand for tennis. This includes upskilling our student coaches, taking on external assistants and getting linked into the apprentice scheme.